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Bill Wenzel is one of my favorite cartoonist because of his great good girl art. He was a master at depicting the voluptuous, sexy, yet still innocent girl. He was so prolific that even I own a few of his original Humorama cartoons. Anyway, as you can see, he did do a few paperback covers. I have also put a few representative cartoons on this page which come from original cartoon magazine covers and from the book The Pin-Up Art of Bill Wenzel by Alex Chun & Jacob Covey published in 2005 by Fantagraphics Books.

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Duke Herring Thumbnail Checker Books was an unusual little run of 12 books from 1949. There was a cookbook, a cartoon book, some mildly sleazy books including one by Hank Janson with a Reginald Heade cover. Bill Wenzel did two of the covers and this is the second one.
Disorderly Conduct Thumbnail Bill Wenzel did a few other paperback covers, but not many. Here is a cover he did for the Candid Love Novels line. This is a run of seven (known) books for which he did all the covers. He also did the covers for six of the eight known Prize Love Novels. Both Candid and Prize Love Novels were published by Crestwood Publishing Co. There are a few more below.
All About Girls Thumbnail There were a few mainstream paperback publisher's covers like this Avon.
Boys Dig Girls Thumbnail And even a couple of cartoon books of his own.
Laff Time Digest Back Cover Thumbnail Bill also did some nice pin-ups. These were on the back covers of Crestwood's humor digests from the 1960s. This is the only completely nude I've seen.

Here's some more of his work:

Notorious Woman Thumbnail Night Club Angel Thumbnail Sisters In Sin Thumbnail Time For Love Thumbnail By The She Thumbnail More All About Girls Thumbnail Cartoons For Men Only Thumbnail
Mirth Sept 1954 Thumbnail Mirth March 1956 Thumbnail Fun March 1952 Thumbnail Smiles 1956 Thumbnail Smiles Back Cover Thumbnail Mirth Back Cover Thumbnail Smiles 4/1956 Thumbnail
Smiles 9/1954 Thumbnail Wenzel Cartoon Thumbnail Wenzel Cartoon Thumbnail Wenzel Cartoon Thumbnail Wenzel Cartoon Thumbnail Hired Husband Thumbnail They Goofed Thumbnail
For Men Only Thumbnail July 1956 Mirth Thumbnail May 1964 Romp Thumbnail Army Fun Back Cover Thumbnail

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