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As you may be able to tell, the Gun Molls are some of my favorite covers. A gun moll graces my logo and my home page features what I think is one of Rudolph Belarski's greatest covers. In fact, he is my favorite GGA cover artist. Most covers show a 'damsel in distress', or exuding sexuality and being exploited, but these show the woman taking charge. There is a whole change of demeanor from the 'wailing frail' to 'don't fuck with me!'. The term 'gun moll' is an old one, probably going back to the 30's, but it fits perfectly. Here are some of my favorites:

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The Jewels Of Jade Thumbnail I've been told that the term 'good girl art' originated with comic books. Cartoonist Bill Wenzel, while no comic book artist, gives a fair representation of GGA on this comic book style cover. Wenzel is best known for his great girlie cartoons all the way from the 50's Humorama digests to many years at Playboy. Want to see some more of his work? Click Here.
Confessions Of A Chinatown Moll Thumbnail No gun for this moll but what a great cover. In the 1950s publishers knew Yellow Menace sold but weren't sure if men would find Oriental girls attractive, so they made her a tarted-up blonde with only a hint of exotic eyes.
Murder At Midnight Thumbnail Popular Library also had it's share of gun molls. No doubt on her face. I've often wondered why many GGA molls go around wearing prom dresses. Must be cultural.
Death House Doll ThumbnailWhat a great title. This one has done the deed. Who is she calling? Certainly not the police. Probably reporting to The Boss.
The Big Fix ThumbnailAnother great Ace sleazy cover. Why is she nude? Where did she get the gun? What is going on here? Is she out of bullets? This appears to be a victim gone postal.

Here are a few more:

Dark Destiny Thumbnail The Bandaged Nude Thumbnail Murder of the Clergyman's Mistress Thumbnail Curtains For Carla Thumbnail Killer Take All! Thumbnail Time To Kill Thumbnail While Murder Waits Thumbnail
Satan's Sister Thumbnail A Dame Called Murder Thumbnail Beloved Traitor Thumbnail Three Day Pass - To Kill Thumbnail Contract For A Killer Thumbnail Time For Murder Thumbnail Too Many Women Thumbnail
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