GGA Backwoods Hussies

Hill Billy In High Heels Thumbnail

Here are combined several Backwoods sub-genres including Shanty, Mountain, Hill, Farm and Ozarks, but not Swamp Babes, who have a page of their own. These are all fairly similar with the scantily dressed young Girl, Hussy, Hoyden, Tease, Tramp and Hellion plus one or more Hayseeds who are begging to be seduced and ruined by these wild, reckless, passionate, depraved and ultimately evil adolescent girls. Many of the books are digest sized including the scarce Hill Billy in High Heels on the left. This is the quintessential Hillbilly cover with the young girl in low cut dress strutting for the hayseeds, "in the land of shotgun weddings". The message to, and fantasy for, the male reader is that the hills are full of beautiful young girls available practically for the asking. This fantasy is repeated many times in the covers shown below.

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Backwoods Hussy Thumbnail This is the book our title comes from. It is by Harry Whittington with a Rudi Nappi cover. How does a hussy differ from a hoyden? A 'hussy' is at best a pert girl, and at worst, a woman of light or worthless character. Check out Swamp Hoyden for the other definition.
Uncle Good's Girls Thumbnail Uncle Good's Girls is by John Faulkner who was William Faulkner's brother. He wrote a bunch of these sleazy Southern gothics for Gold Medal which featured Barye Phillips' fine covers. By the way, didn't his brother mine the same vein?
Hayseed Thumbnail Most of these books emphasized the Girl, the Hussy, the Tease, but here is one that presumably looks at the chump, the victim of these conniving girls - Hayseed. Is he drooling?
Bailey's Daughters Thumbnail I'm usually not that fond of photo covers but had to look twice to confirm that this is, indeed, a photograph. In my humble opinion, it is still an outstanding GGA cover.
White Trash ThumbnailAnd, of course, all summed up as White Trash. Another scarce digest.
The Upper Hand ThumbnailEven Eric Stanton was able to bring his unique style of dominance art to the back woods. He was known for his bizarre bondage and fetish covers.
Backhill Sinners ThumbnailAnd finally, there are the unique and outrageous Novel Book books. These are so bizarre, they enjoy a Page of their own.

Here are a few more:

Farm Girl Thumbnail Backwoods Tramp Thumbnail Desire In The Ozarks Thumbnail Desire In The Ozarks Thumbnail Backwoods Girl Thumbnail Hill Hoyden Thumbnail Mountain Bride Thumbnail
Shanty Road Thumbnail Shanty Girl Thumbnail Shack Woman Thumbnail Trailer Tramp Thumbnail Shanty Boat Girl Thumbnail Tramp Girl Thumbnail Shack Baby Thumbnail
Shanty Boat Girl Thumbnail Passionate Love Thumbnail Shanty-Town Tease Thumbnail Shack Road Thumbnail Bayou Girl Thumbnail Farm Girl Thumbnail Shanty Girl Thumbnail
Waterfront Blonde Thumbnail Beach Girl ThumbnailHoyden Of The Hills Thumbnail Backwoods Woman Thumbnail Hired Girl Thumbnail River Barge Virgin Thumbnail Hired Girl Thumbnail
Waterfront Club Thumbnail Backwoods Bride Thumbnail Cotton Tramps Thumbnail Hill Hellion Thumbnail Dirt Farm Thumbnail Cora Potts Thumbnail Virgins In The Backwoods Thumbnail
Lpcal Talent Thumbnail Shack Girl! Thumbnail Sinner In Gingham Thumbnail Georgia Boy Thumbnail River Woman Thumbnail Woman Hunter Thumbnail Dirt Farm Thumbnail
Passion's Mistress Thumbnail Stay Away, Joe Thumbnail

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