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Sadist On The Loose!

Novel Book books are in a league of their own. They were published in Chicago from 1960 to the beginning of 1964 and included writers like George H. Smith, Connie Sellers, Bob Trailins, Orrie Hitt and even an appearance of Harlan Ellison in their last published book. Their writings may not have been much different from the many sleaze publishers that popped up in the 1960's, but their covers went one step beyond. I'm usually not a big fan of the 1960s sleaze books - many had similar and cheap looking covers. While Novel Book books do not have the usual GGA covers I collect, you gotta love 'em for their wild, over-the-top cover art and titles.

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The Golden Hussy ThumbnailGeorge H. Smith has become quite collectable and wrote several Novel Books including this one with a great cover. She seems to be enjoying this but who is that guy on the ground?
Swamp Lust ThumbnailAnother of Smith's works in the Swamp Babes tradition. A number of Novel Books covers were a combination of photo and 'art', like this one. This was one of the few publishers that played around with this.
After the Big House ThumbnailHere's another great example of mixed media and one of my favorites.
Incredible Orgy ThumbnailNear the end of their run, they did many all photo covers, but they are still interesting and unique as this one with the unusual sideways cover.
My Bisexual Three 3 Thumbnail And by 1963 they were completely out of ideas. Although there was an idea brewing that stark white covers could attract the attention of buyers in a book case full of figures and color. The paperback version of The Harrad Experiment had pioneered that idea the same year (and quite successfully).
Wild Party Thumbnail An uncredited cover by the great Bill Ward.
Four Aboard Thumbnail Merit Books were a sister publication of Novel Book books. They had a similar layout but the covers were a little more conservative and many are of doctored pin-up photos. Like Novel Book books, over time, they moved from painted covers to photo covers. There is a Merit section below.
She Lived For Kicks Thumbnail Diane Webber was a famous model and nudist from the 1960s. She graced several Merit and Novel Book covers.
The Swap Teasers Thumbnail This is Not a Novel Book but the cover falls right into that tradition. It is by Robert Bonfils and I had to find a spot for it someplace.

Here are some more Novel Books books:

Mad For Kicks Thumbnail Hood's Mistress Thumbnail Female Psycho Ward Thumbnail Broad Bait Thumbnail Playground Of Violence Thumbnail Backhill Sinners Thumbnail Forced Females Thumbnail
Tall And Torrid Thumbnail Women On The Loose Thumbnail Endless Orgy Thumbnail Seduction On The Run Thumbnail Passion By Compulsion Thumbnail Honey Blood Thumbnail The Cheaters
Shocking Mistress Thumbnail Dammit - Don't Touch My Broad Thumbnail Big Man Thumbnail The Passion Pit Thumbnail Carnal Orgy Thumbnail 4 Nude Queens Thumbnail Easy Sue Thumbnail
Marks Of Lust Thumbnail My Lesbian Loves Thumbnail Wench Thumbnail Golden Hussy Thumbnail Seduction Campaign Thumbnail Brute Passion Thumbnail Torrid Twins Thumbnail
Too Much Broad Thumbnail Shocking Nymphs Thumbnail Most Experienced Lover Alive Thumbnail Taken Thumbnail Carnal Cage Thumbnail Hot Stuff Thumbnail Nympho Lodge Thumbnail
Seduction Salon Thumbnail Delta Doll Thumbnail Wild Wives<br /><br /><br /> Thumbnail The Teaser<br /><br /><br /> Thumbnail Willing Women<br /><br /><br /> Thumbnail  Female Rapist Thumbnail Primitive Orgy!!! Thumbnail
Goddess Of Raw Passions Thumbnail 5 Wild Dames Thumbnail Savage Passions Thumbnail Erotic Room Thumbnail Hot Package Thumbnail Easy Women Thumbnail Vessels Of Carnality Thumbnail
Slaves Of Passion Thumbnail House Of Perversion Thumbnail The Huge Huge Hunger Thumbnail A Shocking Female Thumbnail Hottest Bedroom Thumbnail Brutal Ecstasy Thumbnail Willing Women Thumbnail
Goddess Of Raw Passions Thumbnail Uninhibited Blonde! Thumbnail Forced Seduction Thumbnail Torture Love-Cage Thumbnail Amazon Lover Thumbnail Mass Orgy Thumbnail Passion Parlor Thumbnail
Overpassionate Love-Slaves Thumbnail My Secret Perversions Thumbnail Unstoppable Seducer! Thumbnail Wild Body Thumbnail 3 In A Bed Thumbnail Forbidden Love Thumbnail Abnormal Cravings Thumbnail
Hungry For Men Thumbnail

Here are some of those Merit books I promised:

House Of Lust Thumbnail An Eye For Lust Thumbnail Overpowering Desire Thumbnail Vegas Wenches Thumbnail Man-Hungry Women Thumbnail Sleep With Me Thumbnail Torrid Wenches Thumbnail
Damned! Thumbnail Warped Desire Thumbnail Time For Loving Thumbnail Vicious Wench Thumbnail Scarlet Goddess Thumbnail Seduced Thumbnail Passionate Playmate Thumbnail
Carnal Charmer Thumbnail Love Cheat Thumbnail Carnal Cravings Thumbnail Strange Woman In My Bed Thumbnail Abnormal Wench Thumbnail Irresistible Thumbnail Perverted Urge Thumbnail
Passion Party Thumbnail Private Orgy Thumbnail Give Her Back To Hell Thumbnail The Devil's Mistress Thumbnail Playboy In Paris Thumbnail Seductive Playgirl Kiss Of Death Thumbnail
Cunning Wench Thumbnail Seductive Nymph Thumbnail Lady Killer Thumbnail The Love Machine Thumbnail Everything But Love Thumbnail The 13 Sinners Thumbnail Sadistic Wench Thumbnail
Hollywood Sinners Thumbnail Lust Lodge Thumbnail Mate Swap Thumbnail Victims Of Lust Thumbnail Abnormal Lover Thumbnail Exchange Lovers Thumbnail Desperate Females Thumbnail
Untamed Passion Thumbnail Red-Hot Broad Thumbnail Perverted Nymph Thumbnail Flaming Flirt Thumbnail Unconventional Beauty Thumbnail Insatiable Thumbnail Giant Orgy Thumbnail
Abnormal Lust Thumbnail Carnal Madness Thumbnail Seductive Playgirl Thumbnail Teasing Redhead Thumbnail Julie Thumbnail Female Seducer Thumbnail

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