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A favorite topic of the 'sleaze' paperback writers was the simple, unsophisticated but gorgeous, sexy back country girl. You know, like Li'l Abner's Daisy Mae or, better yet, Stupefyin' Jones. This includes several sub-genres with inter-changeable words like Swamp, Hillbilly, Backwoods, Shanty, Hill, River, Farm PLUS Girl, Babe, Hoyden, Tease, Brat and so on. I originally planned to combine these but there were too many, so these are the Swamp Babes and the rest of the Backwoods Hussies have a page of their own. Swamp Girl on the left has an atypical cover for this genre and could fit into 1 or 2 other categories. The second and third printings of this book with different covers can be seen below. So, let's take a look at some of these Swamp Babes.

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Swamp Babe Thumbnail This cover is much more representative of this genre. A pretty girl scantily dressed pushing a flat bottom boat around a swamp. Many of these books were originally published with another title and later 'sleazed up' to fit into the current popular genre.
About Doctor Ferrel Thumbnail Day Keene was a prolific writer in many genres. Here he mixes a couple of them. First the doctor and the "greedy little waif" or "adolescent wanton", who ruins him, and second, she is obviously a 'Swamp Girl'; up to her knees in water, shorts, flatboat and all. Cover is by Barye Phillips who did a slightly different version for the second printing: Gold Medal #617.
Swamp Hoyden Thumbnail 'Hoyden' is a word you don't hear very often. It's primary definition pertains to a male, but secondarily "A noisy, rude, or (esp.) boisterous girl or woman." You can also see Hoyden Of The Hills (re-using this cover) and Hill Hoyden on the Backwoods Hussies page.
Bayou Girl Thumbnail Bayou Girl and Spawn of the Bayou shown below, are obvious Swamp variants. A strange cover. Why is this girl wading naked through a swamp? Was she swimming with the alligators, snakes and blood suckers?
Eye Of Lust Thumbnail Never pass up a cover by Robert Bonfils. By 1967 it was OK to show nipples, even on non-native girls, although it is hard to imagine what is going on here. The "hurricane of passion" must have blown her clothes away.
The Thing That Made Love Thumbnail Different, but on our swamp theme. A 'thing' comes out of the swamp to put this woman into 'harrowing ecstasy'. How bizarre is that?? This cover is from 1951 and it was slightly altered for re-use on The Whipping Room by Intimate Books in 1952 and then again on Warped Women by Beacon Books in 1956. Click on the titles to see them (notice the hand holding the whip is a man's in one and a woman's in the other).

Here are a few more:

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Swamp Sister Thumbnail Touch Me Not Thumbnail Backwater Woman Thumbnail Swamp Girl Thumbnail Swamp Girl Thumbnail Swamp Lust Thumbnail Swamp Hoyden Thumbnail
Swamp Nymph Thumbnail Desperate Females Thumbnail Swamp Girl Thumbnail Swamp Lust Thumbnail Swamp Girl Thumbnail Swamp Tease ThumbnailThe Brimstone Bed Thumbnail

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