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Prostitution was another favorite topic of the 1950s, and another area where fantasy and reality were far apart. Most 'call girls' were shown as attractive and having a wonderful time. By the 1960s things got much more lurid (as did most books and covers). Prostitute seemed like a harsh name, so they were often called 'call girls', 'B-Girls' (Bar-girl), good-time girls and party girls. Cover art had to depend on aluring women in skimpy clothes, hard looking girls dangling cigarettes or half-dressed women on a bed with a 'john' in the doorway. Here are a few of those covers:

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Sin Street Thumbnail This is one of the earliest paperbacks about prostitution, a reprint of Scarlet Patrol from 1937, which purports to be "The inside story of the vice racket as told by a Call Girl!". She was pleased to make $35 on her very first night out. This is also a well-loved classic cover although I'm not sure why.
No Last Names Thumbnail Here we have a healthy looking girl with money and in a good-time city. Looks pretty good. The cover is by Paul Rader, one of the most collectible of the Midwood cover artists.
Thank You, Call Again Thumbnail Things are looking a little harsher with a decidedly unhealthy looking woman in a dark room. This is beginning to look like no fun at all.
Call Me Bad Thumbnail I like this one because of the back cover blurb "Call me bad - but call me....". A book about call girls that could also be on the Bad Girls page. There is another image of it on the Guest Page.
Ticket To Passion Thumbnail At one time there were dance halls where men would pay to dance with pretty girls. It was assumed that these girls were available for more than dancing.
Call Boy ThumbnailCall Boy Thumbnail Here's a variation on the theme but the girls are still the draw.
Women In Crime Thumbnail Nice magazine cover in the spirit.

Here are a some of my favorite Digests:

Off Limits Thumbnail Pick-Up Thumbnail Street of Dark Desires Thumbnail Paula Has A Price! Thumbnail The Private Life of a Street Girl Thumbnail A Body To Own Thumbnail
Buy My Love Thumbnail Hard-Boiled Thumbnail Call Girl Thumbnail High-Priced Party Girl Thumbnail Confessions Of A Good-Time Girl Thumbnail Red-Light Babe Thumbnail
Career Of Sin Thumbnail Women Of The Night Thumbnail Girl On The Make Thumbnail She Lived In Sin Thumbnail Pleasure At Midnight Thumbnail Street Of Sin Thumbnail
Bed Time Girl Thumbnail Her First Sin Thumbnail She Walks By Night Thumbnail Illicit Pleasure Thumbnail Dead End Gal Thumbnail Quickie Thumbnail
Scarlet Lil Thumbnail Confessions Of A Pick-Up Girl Thumbnail Street Girl Thumbnail Her 
Day Of Sin Thumbnail Over Night Thumbnail Naked Night Thumbnail
Sinner Thumbnail Walk The Evil Streets Thumbnail Free And Easy Thumbnail Waterfront Hotel Thumbnail The Loves Of A Harlot Thumbnail Lovers Don't Sleep Thumbnail
The Girl From Mimi's Thumbnail Ask For Therese Thumbnail Ask For Theresa Thumbnail Sinful Life Thumbnail The Nude Stranger Thumbnail Waterfront Hotel Thumbnail
Bed-Time Angels Thumbnail Room And Dame Thumbnail The Big Tease Thumbnail Four Men And A Dame Thumbnail

And some more great covers:

Tomorrow's Call Girls Thumbnail Sin Is My Profession Thumbnail Elisa Thumbnail Part Time Call Girl Thumbnail Club 17 Thumbnail Mr. Madam Thumbnail Yama, The Hell Hole Thumbnail
Blondes Are My Trouble Thumbnail Dove Thumbnail The Flesh Peddlers Thumbnail The Street Walker Thumbnail $50 A Night Thumbnail Never Lover A Call Girl Thumbnail Bessie Cotter Thumbnail
People Of The Night Thumbnail Make Me An Offer Thumbnail Call Girl Thumbnail Make Mine A Harlot Thumbnail The Street Is My Beat Thumbnail This Is My Body Thumbnail Look Behind You Lady Thumbnail
Street Girl Thumbnail One Hundred Dollar Call-Girl Thumbnail Only Her Body For Sale Thumbnail New York Call Girl Thumbnail Street Of Painted Lips Thumbnail A Swell-Looking Babe Thumbnail The
Sin Town Thumbnail Miami Call Girl Thumbnail Women Of The Evening Thumbnail Ladies Of Chance Party Girl Thumbnail Nobody Loves A Tramp Thumbnail Hot Bed Hotel Thumbnail
The Chinese Street Walker Thumbnail Girls On Sin Street Thumbnail Ask For Molly! Thumbnail Female Seducer Thumbnail Sheba Thumbnail Confessions of a Woman Immoral Thumbnail I Was A $100.00 A Night Call Girl Thumbnail
Bitter Fruit Thumbnail

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