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I often try to match the name of the page with a title but decided this is a much better cover than Bad Girls. She was Born To Be Bad, which seems to include bad taste. The underwear is pretty gaudy, but matching shoes? On this page the term bad is used as in evil, rotten, nasty, sinful and destructive (usually of men), rather than wild, playful or headstrong. Take a look:

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Bad Sue Thumbnail Then there's Bad Sue. Most of the best books and covers in this genre seem to be from the 50s Digests which are the harder to find books, especially in condition. Quarter Books was one of the better runs.
Girls Out Of Hell Thumbnail Ah, yes!! Girls Out Of Hell - my kind of Hell. This is a rare Falcon book with a great title and George Gross cover. Are these girls bad or what!
When She Was Bad Thumbnail Nice little play on words and a fine Robert McGinnis cover. Dell First Editions was Dell's answer to Gold Medal, who initiated the Paperback Original (PBO). William Ard is also a very collectable paperback writer.
Women of Evil ThumbnailThis is an interesting Harry Barton cover which makes the point by adding a witch and cauldron to two views of this woman who, "in another age would have been burned at the stake".
Gin Wedding ThumbnailWhile I'm not a big fan of photo covers, there are some nice ones out there. For some reason, a lot of them have lacy underwear painted in later, like this bra and slip. Marijuana Girl is another example.

Here are a few more:

Bad Girls Thumbnail Street Girl Thumbnail Bad Girl Thumbnail Bad'Un Thumbnail Bad Girls Club Thumbnail Zip Gun Angels Thumbnail Three Bad Girls Thumbnail
The Bad Girls Thumbnail Call Me Bad Thumbnail Beautiful But Bad Thumbnail Bad As They Come Thumbnail Bad Sister Thumbnail Bad Girl Thumbnail The World's Worst Women Thumbnail
She Tried To Be Good Thumbnail Glad To Be Bad Thumbnail Bad Woman Thumbnail City Streets Thumbnail A Woman Called Trouble Thumbnail The World's Worst Women Thumbnail Bad Girl Abroad Thumbnail
She Couldn't Be Good Thumbnail Naughty Blonde Thumbnail

If you like these, there are more Bad Girl Covers on my Guest Page.

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