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There have been hundreds of Nurse books, mostly about selfless angels in white ministering to the poor and needy. Thankfully there is the Wayward Nurse. She was there to comfort those young male patients and doctors, none of whom looked too sick. Most of these were published as Digest size PBOs by Cameo and Venus Books. The one on the left has a cover by Rudolph Belarski who did a lot of these.

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Male Ward Thumbnail Cameo Thumbnail One of my favorites due to the fact that here we have 2 covers by Belarski. The man in the foreground is holding a copy of the Cameo book Nurses' Quarters (image is rotated 180 degrees) for which he also did the cover. Nice self-reference.
Nurses' Quarters Thumbnail And this is the book the man in Male Ward is holding. Neat.
Nurses' Quarters Thumbnail Surprisingly, publishers did not pick up on the lesbian possiblities of nurse related books till the 60s when all the sleaze publishers discovered lesbians. Note the previous Nurses' Quarters (1953) had a man scandalizing the girls. This Nurses' Quarters 1960 would also be right at home on the Lesbian page.
Ward 20 Thumbnail Ward 20 Thumbnail Belarski did the early version of this cover (left) with a pathetic looking guy and generic pretty nurse. The second version was published 4 years later. The times and publishing had changed.
Red-Headed Nurse Thumbnail Now here's the nurse we have all been waiting for. Unbuttoned top with no bra and a red-head to boot. We all know about nurses and we all know about red-heads, but red-headed nurses? Whoa!
Runaway Nurse Thumbnail Kiss Tomorrow Good-bye Thumbnail Does this painting of "Runaway Nurse" look familiar? This is a painting by Richard Prince offered at a Guggenheim benefit auction in November 2011. It was obviously inspired by James Avati's cover from Kiss Tomorrow Good-Bye. I understand Mr. Prince did a bunch of these and I'd like to think of him being a Vintage Paperback admirer paying homage.

Here are a few more:

Night Nurse Thumbnail Private Nurse Thumbnail Visting Nurse Thumbnail Doctor's Nurse Thumbnail Ward Nurse Thumbnail Young Nurse Thumbnail Student Nurse Thumbnail
Virgin Thumbnail Nurse Carolyne Thumbnail Vietnam Nurse Thumbnail Prison Nurse Thumbnail

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